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GAME IS ALSO NOW DOWNLOADABLE FROM THE GOOGLE PLAY STORE - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.BillehBawb.PocketChaoGarden

Take care of your very own Chao, wherever, whenever.

Pocket Chao Garden is a game made from the ground up to replicate a Chao Garden experience for mobile devices. Feed, train, and play with your Chao, then enter them in races to earn coins and buy cosmetics!

  • Chao hunger, energy, leveling, and rebirth systems
  • Replayable and unique minigames to level up your Chao
  • Races to prove that your Chao is the best
  • Gameworld to try and reach new high scores
  • Dozens of custom colors and particle effects to customize your Chao
  • Items to play with your Chao
  • Chao

Your Chao is waiting for you!

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Tags2D, Pixel Art, sonic, Virtual Pet


Pocket Chao Garden v1.2 (Android APK) 99 MB


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So, I know you're not updating anymore but just cause i'm having problems, how do you pet the chao? Anytime I try to use my finger I just pick them up, and it's more frustrating to me to pet since i'm not sure WHAT i'm doing wrong.

I was able to pet them by pressing and holding the chao! Maybe it would work for you as well? :)

I tap them and it seems to pet, if I press and hold it tends to pick them up, i'll try through.

Hey, I know you're not working on this anymore, but I waited through several updates in case it was a problem with my phone (it might still be) - The game won't install.
Maybe I just know nothing about APKs and Androids and need to do something other than tell it to install and wait for it to tell e it IS installed rather than not.

Any idea if it's anything I'm doing wrong or not doing that I need to? Or should it just download, stage and install, done?

Shame, I've been looking forward to playing this all month.

Hey! Have you tried downloading it from the google play store yet? That should handle unpacking the APK and everything for you. There's a link at the top of this itch page, or just pocketchao.garden should redirect you there now.


You made the game of my dreams. 

As a child, I was very fond of Chao Gardens in SADX. And now it is available on mobile devices. This is an awesome idea!

The game looks very cute. Interesting mini-games, there is a market with many things. The game looks great for a demo and I hope you keep working on it!

P.S. if in the future you want to localize your game, then I'd be happy to help translate it into Russian) Discord: MQxQM#8834

Hey! Thanks for the offer, but I am actually done with this project.

Amazing app! Is pretty cool and the minigames had me entertained a pretty good time :D

Obviously there are things that still need some updates, as the interface (Maybe putting more animations in the menus and making the Chaos & the HUD more small can help, but I don't know), but in general I think you're going for a good way. Congratulations and keep going! ;)


Roses are red

Violets are blue

Chaos are cute

This game is good

Great app! First of all I wanna thank you for making the app, it's so good! I love the customization features for your Chao and all the Mini Games are great. I also love the fact that you level up your stats through Mini Games, so cool! There's only one thing that bothers me. I understand the energy bar, it makes sense, your Chao gets tired after a while. But then again it's not a game where you can buy energy so you can keep playing, because of that you are forced to wait. And worst of all it takes so long until his energy is back at 100%. I wanna play the game more but the waiting keeps me from grinding and having unlimited fun with the game! So one request I have is, could you please lower the time a significant amount for the Chao to recover its energy. I get that the energy bar has to stay, because it does make sense in a way. But at least reduce the waiting time, it'd make the game so much better!


Hello, I'm a Brazilian what download this app, First, a Thanks to Felipe Sonic Hacks, but him maked me come to here, because I WANTED to take care of an Chao, and this fangame is Cool! I know what you really is making this alone, but I will wish you good luck and congrats with this game! 10/10! :D

hurray for chaos

Are you Zee_Scratcher? I like your games there quite entertaining. Good luck becoming a Coder making games in the future!


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Hello there ! (This is a long comment)

I discovered your project by looking at the itch.io main page. I tested it and see how the app functions.

The idea of a chao garden app on smartphones is great, but for what I've seen with your app, in my opinion, it feels more like a demo rather than a complete app. Which is not a bad thing if it's under development, but considering that the app version is called "1.0", I saw a bunch of flaws that makes this app not finished.

In fact, I have so much stuff to talk about your app that I think it's best to show you a list of things that I'd like to see improved. But then again, this is your project, so you decide if you want to take my advice or not.

Other than that however, your app is quite good. The mini games are intuitive enough and there is a good list of items you can buy in the shop. I just think that this app should be better.

I also had curiosity with your app because this is on Android. And I'm searching for someone who can modify Android games, specifically using Java (it's about a Sonic game if you are curious). However, because I saw that you made this app using Unity, I don't think that you are the right person that I'm looking for. ^^'

That's basically all I have to say. Thanks for leaving a reply ! :3


I am just a single person working on this project myself. I'm sorry you had your expectations higher than what I was able to deliver. I'll read your suggestions if you'd like to post them but I probably am not going to make many large changes at this point


Well, that's fine. After all, I just realized that you are a YouTube content creator. ^^'

I was thinking of giving you a list of things to improve and even assets for making the game looks better. But because you can't make significant changes to your project, I guess I'm gonna leave you here.

Which is a shame in my part, because I really want to be part of a project that I like ._.

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when pocket chao garden pc christian whitehead widescreen remake, 


Very enjoyable experience liked all the references to other Sonic Games, This game feels like a sequel to the Tiny Chao Garden that maybe SEGA would have released on the Nintendo DS. Y'know its kinda crazy how far you've come, Starting from Google Dinosaur Tutorials (You Will Never Escape The Google Dinosaur) To now.


thank you!


What a lovely little game! Haven't explored much yet, but it's nice to see various extra mechanics and details, like toys given to Chao speeding up it's energy regen or jumping minigame having a Stomp to avoid spikes easier (and secret Tails) or Power minigame having bonuses for consecutive Perfect taps to rhythm. Halfpipe seems to be the easiest game to cheese because same tactic as for Sonic Colors DS special stages works: you can tap screen instead of dragging finger, and there's only two spots - lane 2 and 4 - where you need to be to avoid anything. Went for 3k+ rings out of curiosity,  want to see what happens at 9999+. Could be avoided by having variations of spikes with hole only in the middle or in the sides, but seems like it's already hard enough for other people (and i can't reach the very-very sides of halfpipe on my phone because of the screen size, side holes might turn impossible to many people). Oh, and Swimming minigame has a fun visual bug of holding finger above Chao instead of below and watching him turn around while still swimming down.

A bit sad about lack of Chao types variations, but that would require many sprites redraw. Maybe something to hope for in distant future? And lack of finish line or winners podium in Chao Races a bit sad, feels like a much easier thing to implement in comparison.


Thanks for the feedback! Hero/dark/chaos/character Chao would require an entirely different sprite set for all of them, yeah. I tried to include many other ways to customize your Chao to make up for it though.

Balancing the halfpipe minigame was rough, because I personally had the same issue as you that it was too easy, but many people I had test found it too hard. I would rather have it be easy so anyone can enjoy it and people who are good at it can keep going than have it be hard so that not everyone can enjoy it. Keep trying to get further, if you play long enough you may find something special :)

I will look into adding a finish line to the races, that is something I could do pretty easily and I'm not sure why I didn't before.


And something special i found in Halfpipe. Huh, now i wonder how many other minigames have special endings. Probably all of them, time to dig

On a side note, found something curious. If you use tapping for Halfpipe but put both fingers on the screen and hold, chao will be in the approx middle point between fingers, making the two fingers method very useful, letting you switch between lines 2, 4 and 3 for rings on a speed of light. Nice


Super cute and fun! I think it would be nice if the mini games were a little bit more forgiving. I can't seem to survive the Chao Halfpipe at all. Either way this is a super fun game!


Thank you!